Waffel Löser

For more than 60 years, Waffel Löser has occupied a leading role in the production and processing of flat and moulded wafers. The system supplier for the ice-cream, confectionery and snack industries not only provides innovations on the wafer market with its new recipes and products but also designs the necessary machinery itself.


Focus on handicraft

In 1949 Helmut Löser started to produce wafers in the town of Taunusstein in the state of Hesse. Responding to demand, he created new products and his own sorts of dough and invented the special machines required for producing them at the same time. This specialization has enabled Löser to become the most important partner in wafer production for the ice-cream, confectionery and snack industries throughout Europe. Löser offers customer-specific individualization in wafer production – a choice of more than 70 baking moulds and more than 200 recipes is available.

Programmed for the future: plant engineering and development

Whether baking irons, punch or cutting mechanisms or entire baking machines are required, Löser technicians and engineers, devise, design and produce all the machinery, systems and equipment required for the production of wafers.

The in-house pilot plant has been established for additional innovations. This is where ingredients are examined in terms of their suitability for production, new formulations are tested and sample wafers are baked and then developed through to production maturity. The pilot plant is also available to the developers of business partners.

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Waffel Löser – A pioneer in industrial wafer production since 1949

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