Ever since its inception in 1976, Bio-Zentrale has been among the leading organic food companies in Germany.

The company’s broadly diversified portfolio comprises over 250 products from controlled organic cultivation. Bio-Zentrale has gained a reputation as a pioneer in sustainable food based on its high standards in terms of the quality of its own products as well as its commitment to fully satisfying consumers’ constantly increasing needs. 

Strong brands

Bio-Zentrale has been marketing and producing natural products under the “biozentrale” and “BioKids” brands for over 40 years. During the founding years, the company initially focused on the manual bagging of flour and muesli. Today, the portfolio comprises high-quality products from nearly all food groups. Bio-Zentrale has evolved from a small business with four employees to being one of the leading domestic suppliers of organic food.

High quality standards

Consumers buying Bio-Zentrale products benefit not only from unique taste experiences but also from guilt-free indulgence, as the secured origin and ecological standards of the products form the heart of the company’s policy. The standards of the internal quality assurance department exceed the EU regulations for organic food by far. Consequently, Bio-Zentrale has been awarded with the internationally accepted IFS certificate. Internally managed cultivation projects constantly expand the company’s procurement expertise.

Focus on innovation

Providing inspiration for the consumer is just as important to Bio-Zentrale as the quality of its products. The company’s inspiration strategy is based on the regular launch of new articles which are not or only little known in the traditional food retail sector as well as on the printing of recipes on packages.

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