Dextro Energy

Dextro Energy produces and distributes energy products based on dextrose around the world under the Dextro Energy brand. These products include dextrose in tablet and powder form as well as a broad product range for sport nutrition. In addition to this, Dextro Energy also produces starch-containing dry products on behalf of renowned consumer goods and trading companies.


For over 75 years, Dextro Energy (formerly: Dextro Energen) has been “the fastest supplier of energy for the brain and during sport”. Since 2005, the brand has belonged to the Zertus Group and has been expanding ever since through the introduction of new products and the development of new geographical regions.

Dextrose tablets

The dextrose tables in their typical cube shape are the origin and centrepiece of the brand. Dextrose is the fastest supplier of energy and can be detected in the bloodstream within only a few minutes. It is the preferred source of energy for the brain and thus particularly assists mental performance and powers of concentration.

Dextro Energy is the market leader for dextrose products in Germany. However, the brand is sold worldwide in approximately 20 countries, from Europe via Hong Kong to New Zealand.

Sports Nutrition

Dextro Energy Sports Nutrition supplies sports nutrition products specially intended for athletes in endurance sports. They are based on the optimum mix of dextrose and other carbohydrates as well as minerals, vitamins and trace elements and, in terms of their efficacy, compatibility, convenience and taste, have been developed especially sports in which great reserves of stamina are required.

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The fast supplier of energy for brain and sport for more than 75 years.

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