A worldwide success story

For more than 80 years, Dextro Energy has been the “fastest supplier of energy for the brain and during sport”. For diabetics it provides swift assistance when the blood sugar level falls.

A brand name emerges

The brand’s story begins in 1927 with the introduction of the dextrose powder “Dextrose Purum”. Doctors prescribed the scientifically recognized tonic and pharmacists would dispense it. In 1929, this nutrient sugar received the name “Dextropur”, which it has retained up to the present day.

Then in 1935, a compressed from of this dextrose powder in cube form was introduced under the brand name “Dextro Energen”. At the Olympic games in Berlin in 1936 and Munich in 1972, this classic was the official championship nutrition of the athletes. New options in stick and minis format, bars and a supply of sports nutrition products complemented the product range over the following years.

In the year 2002, during the course of increased internationalization Dextro Energen was renamed and received its present brand name of Dextro Energy.

The company history

In 2005, Zertus acquired the traditional brands of Dextropur and Dextro Energy from Unilever. Today the marketing and production for Dextro Energy as well as the sales for Dextro Energy Sports Nutrition are combined in a separate subsidiary with approx. 140 employees at 2 locations in the Rhineland region as well as a nationwide sports distribution unit.

Full-service partner

Prominent companies in the consumer goods and retail sectors, both at home and abroad, take advantage of the valuable combination of experience and state-of-the-art food expertise in order to have powder products developed, mixed and packaged by Dextro Energy. They profit from the high production and quality standards of a leading branded goods company.

Packaging in 1935 (then known as Dextro Energen)
Advertising for the Olympic Games in 1972