GAEA was founded in 1995. This name didn’t come about by accident; in ancient Greek mythology, Gaea was Mother Earth – a symbol of fertility and the goodness of the earth. Consequently, the vision of GAEA has been to introduce the world to the benefits of the Greek Mediterranean diet by combining exquisite Greek products based on olives and olive oil with a love of tradition and simplicity.

GAEA is much more than elegantly-packaged wholesome foods and fine ingredients. It is a genuine philosophy of life, at the core of which is a deep appreciation for nature. The company has always favoured non-aggressive harvesting over large volumes and high yields. And although GAEA invests heavily in research and employs cutting-edge technology, it never strays too far from time-honoured practices.

GAEA aims to become an international ambassador not just of top-quality olive and olive oil products, but of a better, healthier, more fulfilling way of eating—and joyful living.