The British company Humdinger manufactures an innovative range of natural based products that range from cooking ingredients and dairy free chocolate to dried fruit, nut and savoury based snacks.

In addition to the main brands of “Fruit Factory” and “Humdinger”, the Humdinger product portfolio also includes a broad selection of smaller British branded goods. In addition, the product range is also supported by a number of major brands such as Budweiser, Food Doctor, Guinness, Marmite and Vimto.



Humdinger is committed to high standards of safety and hygiene in food production. An open environment has been created in which Humdinger can motivate and develop its employees to pursue excellence and flexibility in order to satisfy the well-being and needs of its customers, suppliers and financial supporters.

All Humdinger locations are subject to the safety and quality regulations of the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and have been classified at the highest level. In addition to this, the packaging processes comply with the strict regulations of the Soil Association, which is the most important British umbrella association for organic agriculture. Humdinger also considers a large quantity of goods under Fair Trade conditions.


Humdinger has three outstandingly equipped production sites and two highly functional storage units in which a total of some 170 people are employed.

Two of the production sites are in Hull and concentrate mainly on the processing of fruit. A large part of the savoury snacks are produced in Heckington in Lincolnshire. This is where Humdinger is able to achieve the full spectrum of different flavours by roasting, deep-frying and coating.

At all three sites, Humdinger has extremely versatile production facilities and is able to react very flexibly to meet all aspirations and deliver in a wide variety of packaging forms.

Stringent allergy inspections take place regularly during the production process to guarantee the high quality standards.

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