Humdinger success story

Enjoying snacks is a popular and common tradition in England. However, around the turn of the millennium, the market was restricted to three relatively limited varieties of snack: with (too) much fat, a lot of salt or onion-vinegar flavour. However, the mood of the times was moving towards “eating more sensibly and healthily” despite the emerging recession.

So, in July 2001, a small group of visionaries took an innovative step and completely changed the British snack market.

Humdinger, which means roughly “something remarkable and excellent”, was now producing affordable “healthy” snacks demonstrating an awareness of cholesterol and featuring a variety of flavours due to natural ingredients.

The start-up grew quickly, expanding its workforce from 6 to more than 170 employees, and in 2006 became part of the British company Zetar plc.

Growing with Zertus

In May 2009, Readifoods, the specialist in dried fruits and selected nut specialities, was recruited by Humdinger and, after three more successful years of developing the premium snack segment, the next logical step followed in 2012: the time was ripe to look beyond the borders of Britain. The first choice was Zertus GmbH as a partner for continuing this success story.

Sustainably at the top

Through the merger with Zertus, Humdinger is pursuing a policy of value creation all the more intensively. This involves expanding the range of flavours on the basis of health aspects and purity directives. Sugar-free children’s snacks made of 100% fruit, dairy-free chocolate and high-quality nut specialities supported by major brands such as Guinness and Marmite now complement the successful portfolio.