Specialists in specialities

One of the key importers of selected foods from all over the world for more than 60 years.

The golden 50s

At the end of the 1940s, the sales representative and company founder Karl-Heinz Wilms drove his Beetle over the Alps to bring the first delicatessen products from afar to Germany. With the aspiration of “presenting interesting and modern-day items from the great range of foreign confectionery and delicatessen specialities”, he provided the culinary upturn in post-war Germany and founded Importhaus Wilms in 1950. Pâté de foie gras from Strasbourg, butter cookies from Denmark and chocolate from Switzerland. Up until its merger with Zertus in 1984, Importhaus Wilms continually expanded its range and its sales radius.

Reaching the peak with Zertus

Since 1984, the Zertus subsidiary Wilms with its locations in Alzey, Walluf and Dachau, has been successfully specializing in two strategic pillars: firstly, there has been a continuous increase in the spectrum of sales partners with prominent brands such as Lacroix, Maille mustard, Mazzetti Balsamico, Gaea olive oils or Darbo. Added to this in the confectionery and impulse purchase ranges are Dextro Energy, Pulmoll, Kalfany and Kettle. Secondly, the independent and strong sales organization is undergoing a process of continuous perfection and maintains excellent contact to decision-makers in food retail through a system of channel-specific key account management. Backing up this success today are almost 250 people, comprising a permanently employed sales team, committed marketing experts and modern administrators.

An environmentally aware market leader

Today the company is regarded as a leader in the marketing and distribution business with the good reputation of a conspicuously high-quality range of brands. The goods distribution centre in Alzey is one of the most modern in Europe and is the hub of all logistics functions. After the daily average of 500 to 600 orders have been placed, the goods arrive reliably with the customer within 48 to a maximum of 72 hours. Apart from the classical grocery outlets, other beneficiaries of this service include the important smaller retail partners, such as kiosks, filling stations, pharmacies and drugstore chains. Incidentally, Wilms is also actively involved in environmental and climate protection. A photovoltaic plant embellishes the roof of the logistics centre and further measures contribute to the achievement of substantial savings in energy.