Into the future with experience and skill

The beginning

In 1946, Karl and Franziska “Fanny” Berger set up as Germany’s only producers of hard caramels. The family firm was later run by their son Erhard. In 1968, the Munich-based sweet manufacturers became the first to pack their sweets in tins. In addition, Kalfany invented the first malt sugar lozenge. In 1970 Kalfany moved to Müllheim/Baden, site of the current company headquarters.

Typical Zertus synergy

In 2002, Kalfany became part of Zertus. In an age of the polypolistic supplier and increasingly strict food law requirements, Kalfany was confronted by major challenges. As a niche supplier (tinned sweets) with a market leading position, Kalfany was the ideal match for Zertus. Even at that time, there were thoughts of additionally acquiring and integrating the largest sweet brand on the German market “Pulmoll”, and this move did in fact come about one year later.

Süße Werbung was a customer of Kalfany and only a short distance away from Müllheim. The close working relationship soon led to the option of entering an entirely new sales market, namely that for promotional goods. During its almost 30-year history at that time, Süße Werbung had developed into a major player that demanded modern IT, management and quality systems.

The acquisition of Süße Werbung in 2007 brought the breakthrough: a sweet factory, now an additional jelly baby factory, access to the major brands of the confectionery sector (outside the Group as well), numerous packaging machines and a company printing plant.

Turnover doubled due to the acquisitions. Business became considerably more diversified and complex, which alongside the wealth of functions and additional opportunities also provided a secure foundation to counter the risks.

Strong partners

Strong synergies exist between Kalfany and Süße Werbung in production, in purchasing and in the field of administration as well as in logistics services. Synergies on the product, packaging and sales sides are also exploited with the Zertus subsidiaries of Wilms and Dextro.