Kinnerton Confectionery

The Zertus subsidiary Kinnerton Confectionery is the fourth largest chocolate producer in Great Britain. Kinnerton Confectionery has its headquarters in London, was founded more than 30 years ago by Clive Beecham and now employs approximately 1,000 people. Every year the company produces more than 10 million Advent calendars in top quality and more than 20 million Easter eggs and, thanks to its broad range, is Britain’s most important producer of seasonal goods.

Innovation as the driving force

Kinnerton has also made a name for itself through its great innovative spirit. Every year some 300 new products are developed and frequently presented to the consumer under familiar licensed brands. Among them are such popular licensed children’s and family brands as “Disney”, “Hello Kitty”, “Magnum”, “Cornetto” and “Mini Milk”, which have enabled the chocolate specialist to achieve major growth.


A reliable partner

In addition to this, Kinnerton Confectionery is a reliable partner in the production of proprietary brands for all important supermarkets and large retailers in Great Britain.

Kinnerton Confectionery owes these successes to its flexible production at factories in Fakenham, Norfolk and Sherburn-in-Elmet near York, where hundreds of different product lines are manufactured. Products include premium chocolate in all shapes and sizes as well as wide variety of packaging types, which are produced to customer requirement and in line with the latest trends.


Confectionery with character

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