Confectionery with character

Kinnerton Confectionery has been moving with the times for more than 35 years.

The year is 1978, the scene a small office in Nottingham Place, London, fitted with only a small desk and a typewriter. This is the starting point for an extraordinary career in the chocolate business. At that time exclusively for Disney, now for may other character brands such as “Hello Kitty” and the “Simpsons”, the founders Clive Beecham and Andrew Sellers were the first to market confectionery on a grand scale in the English-speaking world. Ten years later they entered the production sector with their own chocolate factory and became the main supplier for their own brand licences as well as for other large retail brands and third-party manufacturers. In 1999, Kinnerton responded to the growing awareness of nut allergies among its customers and has been developing completely nut-free products since that time. In 2005, the success motivated Clive Beecham to become part of Zetar plc, the stock-exchange-listed company which unites medium-sized confectionery manufacturers and is the English counterpart of Zertus GmbH.

Welcome to the Zertus family

Despite its independence, Kinnerton has been displaying outstanding qualities as a team player since its foundation. In 2012, it was therefore only a small step to join the Zertus family and thus enter a future-oriented win-win situation. After all, both parties benefit from the mutual opening of a new market. At the same time, they complement each other perfectly in terms of sales and brand policy and now implement their successful acquisition strategies together.

Always moving with the times

Innovation occupies prime position in the company profile of Kinnerton Confectionery. Sustainability and ecological awareness in the preparation and special chocolate solutions for monsters, princesses or Ninja turtles – representing these qualities are some 800 motivated employees based in England and Ireland. Excellent sales connections to the markets in Hong Kong, Australia, France and the USA have also been in place for many years now.