Our recipe for success: perfect interplay

The origins of ZERTUS GmbH date back to the Tangermünde sugar refinery founded in 1826 by Friedrich Meyer, which make it one of the oldest family firms in Germany.

The umbrella company headquartered in Hamburg now operates on an international level with seven independent subsidiaries that produce and sell high-quality foods. The main product focus of the corporate group has remained on confectionery and niche markets up to the present day.

The group of companies employs over 2,000 people in more than ten production sites, a modern distribution centre and the administrative offices in Hamburg and London.

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Our recipe for success: perfect interplay

As a management holding company, Zertus GmbH combines the market proximity and flexibility of medium-sized companies with strong capital resources and a global market presence.

The task of Zertus GmbH lies in supporting the subsidiaries in achieving their operating targets by partly relieving them of their administrative and organizational duties, including them in larger marketing and sales structures, that promote the common strategic direction and provide the necessary financial resources.

Promoting and developing

Zertus GmbH views it task as being to further develop companies and brands and expand their market position in the long term.

The core objective of our corporate strategy is to promote and develop the acquisition of companies and brands on the “buy and build” principle. Generally this concerns medium-sized companies that we reinforce by measures such as including them in our marketing and sales structures or brands from major corporations with a strong potential, which we expand further.

Sustainable growth

Zertus GmbH strives to expand existing business fields in a meaningful way and to venture into new fields of business.

The holding company approaches entrepreneurs who wish to permanently secure the continued existence of their life’s work or provide new prospects for their company through a strong group. Another target for acquisition are corporations selling off speciality brands.

Our origins date back to the year 1826.
Our strategy: encourage the "buy and build" principle.
Today, the holding company headquartered in Hamburg operates at international level.