A company of entrepreneurs


Who we are

United under the roof of the internationally active Zertus GmbH are seven independent subsidiaries that produce and market high-quality foods. Originating from what was once Europe’s largest sugar refinery, the focus of the Group’s products has mainly been on confectionery and market niches down to the present day.


What we stand for

The core objective of Zertus GmbH is to further develop companies and brands in order to expand their market position in the long run and to achieve sustainable growth. Our corporate strategy is based on strong entrepreneurial basic values, such as individual responsibility, the courage to implement renewal and sustainability.



Importhaus Wilms

Importhaus Wilms is Germany’s leading distributor of international confectionery and delicatessen brands.

A broad premium range of specialities and impulse purchase goods, a separate strategically oriented sales organization and an ultra-modern goods distribution centre make Wilms a strong partner for producers and retailers.


Dextro Energy

Dextro Energy produces and distributes products around the world under the Dextro Energy trademark. These products include dextrose in tablet and powder form as well as a broad product range for sports nutrition.

In addition to this, Dextro Energy produces dry goods containing starch for prominent companies in the consumer goods and retail sectors at home and abroad.


Kalfany Süße Werbung

Kalfany Süße Werbung is Europe’s leading producer of tinned candies, the market leader for individually printed confectionery for promotional purposes and the exclusive manufacturer of Bären Company fruit gums.

Pulmoll, Kalfany, Süße Werbung, Echt Sylter Brisen-Klömbjes, Cupper Sport-Bonbons are only some of the successful brands that belong to this Zertus subsidiary, as well as numerous well-known products produced under licence... 


Waffel Löser

For more than 60 years, Waffel Löser has been playing a leading role in the production and further processing of flat and moulded wafers. The systems supplier for the ice cream, confectionery and snack industry not only provides innovations on the wafer market with its new recipes and products but also designs the necessary machinery itself.


Kinnerton Confectionery

The Zertus subsidiary Kinnerton Confectionery is the fourth largest chocolate producer in Great Britain. Kinnerton Confectionery has its headquarters in London, was founded by Clive Beecham more than 30 years ago and now employs approximately 1,000 people. The company produces more than 10 million Advent calendars in top quality and more than 20 million Easter eggs per year and, thanks to its broad range, is the most important producer of seasonal goods on the island. Kinnerton is also well known for its high innovative strength and its broad portfolio of licensed brands, from Disney to Magnum and Cornetto.


Lir Chocolates

The Irish company Lir Chocolates is the most highly acclaimed manufacturer of premium boxed chocolates in the UK. All products are produced by hand from precious and extremely fresh ingredients before being stylishly packaged.

Lir is also well known for its successful licensing business with major beveragebrands such as “Baileys” and “Guinness”.



As one of the leading producers of high-quality natural products in Great Britain, Humdinger has a wide selection that extends from dried fruits to tasty snacks. Products are distributed under the company’s own brand names “Humdinger” and “Fruit Factory” as well as through British retail brands. The company also markets other licensed products such as Budweiser, Food Doctor, Guinness and Marmite under its umbrella.



Ever since its inception in 1976, Bio-Zentrale has been among the leading organic food companies in Germany.

The company’s broadly diversified portfolio comprises over 250 products from controlled organic cultivation. Bio-Zentrale has gained a reputation as a pioneer in sustainable food based on its high standards in terms of the quality of its own products as well as its commitment to fully satisfying consumers’ constantly increasing needs. 


Partners comment on Zertus

Wilms is able to develop brands in Germany so that they become market leaders in the long term. This is not least possible due to the combined synergies of Zertus.

CESARE MAZZETTI, Owner of Mazzetti and a partner with Wilms

Within the Zertus subsidiaries we act in a market-oriented and entrepreneurial manner. Both of these qualities are important in my job as Export Manager with Dextro Energy, particularly when developing new export countries for our brands.

INES PETERSEN, Head of Export

It’s fun working for Zertus and particularly for Kalfany Süße Werbung. On the one hand, we have entrepreneurial responsibility for the operating business and, on the other, we obtain great benefits from the collaboration within the Group and the services of our independent holding company. This brings us benefits that we would not have as a separate medium-sized company.

ELMAR SCHLESINGER, Managing Director

Through Zertus I have the opportunity to exchange ideas on technical matters with colleagues from the affiliated companies. I thoroughly enjoy having the chance to benefit from the experiences of others and also being able to help others in turn with my knowledge.

DOMINIQUE PLOHMANN, Head of Quality Assurance

With its history dating back more than 40 years, Bio-Zentrale is among the German pioneers in the organic market. Distinguished by absolute top qualities and a very well-established brand name, Bio-Zentrale is set to undergo continuous development on the Wilms sales platform in the years to come.

JOST PÄLIKE, Managing Director of Importhaus Wilms