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Pulmoll Kalfany GmbH

Sweet Company


Pulmoll Kalfany is the owner of the well-known candy brands Pulmoll and Echt Sylter Brisen-Klömbjes as well as the exclusive manufacturer of numerous renowned licensed products.

The Zertus subsidiary produces high-quality hard caramels from natural raw materials under the well-known brand names at its Müllheim site and exports them to over 50 countries worldwide.

Delicious and beneficial

The masters for soothing taste and high standards of quality

Strong brands and innovative strength

Pulmoll Kalfany continuously develops new ideas in the tinned candies segment, creates new flavours and implements them in its own candy production. For example, the fruity, refreshing and relieving Pulmoll cough sweets are currently available in 14 delicious flavours.

Assured quality

Nothing is left to chance in the production of the small pastilles: all the raw materials used are carefully checked according to the International Food Standard, IFS, and subjected to an elaborate documentation process. Production follows this standard every day, and the process is regularly checked by independent institutes. 

Responsibility for the environment

Tinplate has always been used as the material for the sweet tins, while the bags have recently been made of monocomposite plastic. Both materials were deliberately chosen because they have very good recycling properties. In this way, they ensure that the little Pulmoll pastilles not only taste good to people, but also to the environment.