Functional Nutrition

Dextro Energy GmbH & Co. KG

Simple, fast & direct.


Dextro Energy develops, produces and markets carbohydrate- and protein-based functional foods for body and mind around the world. Divided into the three areas of everyday life, endurance sports and fitness, the range of products includes classic dextrose slices, powders, bars, gels and drinks.

For more than 90 years, Dextro Energy has been a trailblazer when it comes to scientific research into functional foods and is especially popular among students and athletes thanks to its products’ performance-boosting qualities. The brand has been part of the Zertus Group since 2005, and has been expanding since then by launching new products and tapping new geographical regions. Today, the company exports to around 20 countries worldwide, from Europe to Hong Kong to New Zealand.

The energiser

Dextro Energy is synonymous with the energy that gets straight into your bloodstream and to your brain and muscles the fastest.

Simple & direct

Dextro Energy is the most trusted brand and market leader in Germany for when daily life or sport call for a quick release of carbohydrates or protein for building muscle in the long term. Dextro Energy’s origins lie in the small, tablet-like slices, packaged either individually or as a cube, that remain a key pillar today. Scientific studies show that this glucose enters your bloodstream in just a few minutes and so can be quickly accessed by your brain and muscles to aid metabolism.

Sports Nutrition

Dextro Energy Sports Nutrition offers high-quality sports nutrition products specifically for endurance athletes. They are based on an optimised combination of carbohydrates and minerals, vitamins and trace elements, and have been perfectly adapted for the needs of endurance athletes in terms of effectiveness, tolerability, convenience and flavour.

Smart protein

The new protein product range was specifically developed for fitness athletes who want to build and retain muscle, and who especially value a defined body. They are produced without added sugar or any number of other unnecessary additives. And they taste great as well thanks to high-quality ingredients.