Functional Nutrition

Well Plus Trade GmbH

Pioneer of Functional Nutrition


Well Plus Trade GmbH is a leading supplier in the segments of protein sports nutrition, functional food and diet products, and dietary supplements. Since September 2022 Well Plus Trade belongs to the Zertus Group and enriches the portfolio in the area of Functional & Nutrition. The success of Well Plus Trade is going to be expanded via the distribution portfolio of Importhaus Wilms.

For more than 20 years, the company has developed and marketed protein bars, protein powders, meal replacement products and dietary supplements as private label products. In addition, Well Plus Trade acts as a distributor for international third-party brands and places them in the attractive food markets of Germany and Austria.

With its own brand Power System, Well Plus Trade revolutionized sports nutrition suitable for everyone in 2005 and is now considered the market leader in this area. In addition, SedVital, an innovative brand in the field of diet products, belongs to the company.

For an active lifestyle

Innovative products for all sports enthusiasts

Customized private label products

Well Plus Trade makes a conscious form of nutrition easily accessible. As a system provider, the company has been developing protein bars, protein powders, meal replacement products and dietary supplements as private label products for more than 20 years. The company's team of experts has many years of experience in the fields of ecotrophology, food law and quality management and ensures that every product meets the high standards of the customers.

Well Plus Trade offers all services in-house, from product development to product distribution. The company has extensive experience in product and packaging development and has access to a broad network of contract manufacturers and distribution partners. Through personal customer contact, short decision-making processes and the company's own certified quality management, innovative products of the highest quality are realized.

Market leader Power System

With its Power System brand, Well Plus Trade is the market leader for sports nutrition in Germany and Austria. The protein bars and powders, ready-to-drink shakes and dietary supplements are geared to the different nutritional goals and needs of sports enthusiasts and are available in over 20,000 stores in Germany alone.

Back in 2005, Power System was the first brand to make special sports nutrition available outside of professional sports and fitness studios. Power System's range is focused on high-quality, mass-market nutrition trends with a particularly high protein content, reduced carbohydrate and calorie content, low sugar content, and vegan options. 

Strong partner for international brands

As a distributor, Well Plus Trade GmbH enables international third-party brands to access the German and Austrian markets. The German market is particularly attractive due to its size, but access is considered difficult due to its few retailers and high competitive pressure.

Well Plus Trade provides the market check for international brands. As an experienced distribution partner in the field of functional nutrition, Well Plus Trade is able to offer an attractive price-performance ratio for customers and can look back on many successful market entries.