Building strong food brands


ZERTUS has been developing companies and brands in the food sector for almost 200 years. With a clear, consistent strategy geared towards active and sustainable value added, we invest in companies and brands with special strengths in niches or growth segments. We seek opportunities with strong management teams and the potential to enhance income both organically and through acquisitions.

Working in partnership with management, we bring companies and brands to leading positions by advancing optimisation in strategy, finance, personnel, distribution and marketing, expanding into new regions and breaching adjacent product areas. Our goal is to build companies and brands that are capable of sustainable growth.

What social trend is a product based on?
Which strategy are we pursuing with our branding?
Product range
Which products are possible in our sector?
What else should be considered in particular?


Focus on consumers


In the food sector, we focus on the growing needs of consumers in all food categories in which we have a strong position and a great deal of experience:

Our production and procurement activities are sustainable in order to satisfy modern consumers’ expectations of responsible action.