Snacking & Chocolate

Humdinger Foods Limited

The taste of the future


The British company Humdinger produces an innovative range of fruit and nut snacks. 

Alongside its main “Fruit Factory”, "Yum & Yay" and “Humzingers” brands, the Humdinger product portfolio also includes a broad range of smaller UK branded articles. In addition, it supports the product ranges of several major brands.

Keeping hunger at bay

Visionary on the UK snack market with an innovative product range since 2001.

Clear mission

Humdinger is committed to high safety and hygiene standards in food production. It has created a motivating and open working environment for the benefit of and in line with the requirements of its customers, suppliers and partners. The results of this approach are outstanding performance with a high degree of flexibility. All Humdinger sites are subject to the safety and quality standards of the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and have achieved the highest level possible. In addition, its packaging processes adhere to the strict guidelines of the Soil Association, the UK’s foremost organic farming organisation. Humdinger also manufactures a variety of goods under Fair Trade conditions.

Perfect production

Humdinger has three excellently equipped production facilities and two highly functional storage units, providing around 230 jobs in total. Two of the production sites are located in Hull, where the main focus is on processing fruit. Many of its spicy snacks are produced in Heckington, Lincolnshire. Humdinger can produce a whole range of assorted flavours with roasting, frying and coating techniques. Humdinger has an extraordinary range of production options at all three of its sites, and can deliver its products in a broad range of packaging – highly flexibly to meet every and any requirement. There are regular and strict allergy controls throughout the production process to guarantee the high standard of quality.