Market unit

Functional Nutrition

Positive influence on health and well-being


Products with an additional functional element are a very consistent trend arising from the self-optimisation movement of recent years. Functional foods are enriched with additional ingredients, have a positive influence on health and can thus be a useful supplement to a balanced diet. Holistic nutrition, together with sport, is key to a healthy lifestyle in consumers’ quest for health, energy and self-optimisation.

In the Functional Nutrition market unit, we develop companies and brands that produce energy-giving foods and protein products. For example, these include protein or carbohydrate-based bars and powders, cough sweets and dietary supplements. Whether shakes, chocolate or snacks with functional nutritional benefits – enjoyment with healthy value added will play a larger and larger part in holistic nutrition.

Online operations play an important role in the Functional Nutrition sector as a key sales channel. The growth of Internet sites and shop systems for our brands is a top priority in this market unit.

Self-optimisation through nutrition
Enjoyment with healthy value added
Product range
From protein bars and powders to dextrose to cough sweets
Online distribution through proprietary and third-party shop systems