Market unit


Combining premium quality with enjoyment and sustainability


Premium gourmet, plant-based and ready-to-eat products are growing categories on the German and international food market. More and more people define themselves by what they eat and how they eat it. Enjoyment, sustainability and convenience are key drivers on the food market, sought after by consumers in many different ways. Natural and regional products are also very popular, especially among the millennial target group.

Our Gourmet market unit is focused on tasty gourmet products on the basis of high-quality, natural ingredients, and satisfies consumers’ desires for individuality, discovery and authentic food stories. Above all, new brands that produce plant-based, natural, simple or regional products have the promise of high growth potential. The individualisation mega trend and consumers’ constant search for something new or unusual are driving growth in small niches and for flexible start-up brands.

At the same time, there is growing demand for high-quality convenience meals to be prepared at home. High-quality pre-prepared and ready-to-eat meals are enjoying rising popularity. Our products thus cater to the trend in the younger target group towards a harmonious work-life balance and spontaneous lifestyle, and to the growing senior target group who wishes to have high-quality dishes delivered to their homes.

Desire for quality, authenticity and convenience
Simple enjoyment with high-quality, natural ingredients
Product range
From oils and sources to snacks and full, quality meals
Regional, individual, flexible