Our corporate values


Our corporate strategy is built on strong business values to which Zertus GmbH and all its subsidiaries are committed. We practise these values and together create a performance-oriented corporate culture.


Through endurance, continuity, focus and positivity, we have succeeded across generations in a changing world. Whilst striving for excellence, we always remain humble.


We support and respect one another, and this unity extends to our culture of discussion and decision-making. We value the contributions of our employees, customers, business partners and shareholders, and recognise their achievements for our family business.


We trust in our employees, business partners, and customers, thereby creating a foundation for successful positive collaboration. We have confidence in our strengths, experience, and opportunities in the market.


We take responsibility for our companies, employees, customers, community and the planet, by working diligently and we expect the same from others.


We have the courage to stand up for our values. We encourage each other to bring forth innovative ideas and take considered risks to advance the company.