GAEA Products S.A.

Rooted in nature


In Greek mythology, Gaea – also spelled Gaia – was the personification of Mother Earth. The company sees itself as an ambassador promoting the advantages of a Greek/Mediterranean diet with a focus on sustainability and quality. All GAEA products are made from high-quality natural ingredients and are free from additives and preservatives. GAEA’s olive oils were among the first to be certified carbon neutral by the Swiss non-profit organisation “myclimate”. At GAEA, research and development are considered just as important as traditional cultivation and harvesting methods.

GAEA was founded in 1995 with the philosophy of being “rooted in nature”. Wilms has been licensed to market GAEA in Germany since 1998. Zertus also entered into a strategic investment in 2015, and has held a majority interest of around 90% since June 2019.

Greek cuisine

High-quality products full of flavour and quality.

Exquisite Greek products

GAEA is much more than elegantly packaged, healthy foods and the best ingredients. The brand is an expression of a genuine philosophy of life, built around a heartfelt appreciation for nature. GAEA has always favoured careful harvesting over generating large quantities and high income. And although GAEA invests a lot in its research and uses state-of-the-art technologies, it never strays far from time-tested methods.

Worldwide enjoyment

GAEA is an international ambassador for the best of Greek cuisine, and markets top-quality olive-based, olive oil and Mediterranean fine foods. At the same time, the company advocates a healthier and more satisfying way of eating and a life of enjoyment.