Market unit

Snacking & Chocolate

High-quality and healthy snacks


Snacking is one of the main trends in the food industry as a whole. This is especially true for sweet and savoury assortments. On the one hand, the new health awareness among consumers means a demand for non-fried or spicy snacks low in fat, salt, sugar and calories in general. On the other, premium indulgence segments are growing rapidly in both savoury snacks and chocolate. The trend is clearly progressing from quantity to quality.

In the Snacking & Chocolate market unit, we develop companies and brands that offer products in the form of delicious snacks, chocolate or seasonal specialities. These are either inspired by current trends and unique on the market, or are a healthy alternative to traditional snacks. In the premium segment and for seasonal (gift) products, we use our expertise and creativity to identify and leverage new market opportunities.

In close coordination with our retail and licence partners, we rely on innovations in the healthy snacking sector and create “free from” chocolate in addition to high-quality snacks with nuts and fruit.

Desire for something new and a (healthy) reward
Enjoyment with premium ingredients and special creations
Product range
Savoury snacks, high-quality chocolate and seasonal specialities
Food innovations, licensed partnerships, quality